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COVID-19 Information

Seaport Smiles is finally open and we couldn’t be more excited to see you all again! Our office has made many changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic to help keep everyone safe. As information is changing daily, we are keeping up-to-date with it all and implementing changes as needed. We assure you that you will still be given the same level of awesome care!

It's All About safety

COVID-19 has disrupted all of our lives. Seaport Smiles is adapting to the changes to ensure continuity and timeliness for your treatment and care. We understand any potential concerns you may have about leaving your home for a public setting. We have therefore instituted the following protocols for your orthodontic appointment in-office.

We also recognize that not everybody is able to visit us in person. We are therefore committed to using technology to evaluate or start treatment.

A quick guide to our protocols can be found below, feel free to save to your devices.

Built for Social Distancing

Seaport Smiles opened as a safe place where people go to feel their most confident from the inside and out. We know that when we look our best, we feel our best. And when we feel our best, we're at our best. We do that by combining specialized skills and training with state of the art technology so you can be your best self too. We transform smiles and rejuvenate faces so you can look as good as you feel. We're experts in clear aligners and facial surgery.

Our visionary leader, Dr. Ella Osborn, built an office designed for social distancing. Call it luck or genius foresight, Seaport Smiles is a relaxed, private-style lounge that happens to be a specialized boutique family owner private practice. Because we did it right from the start, we haven't had to make many changes to continue bringing you exceptional results in a safe way.

Here's what we have always done (that others practices are just catching on to!)

  • Large acoustic partitions that separate our treatment areas.
  • Touchless hand sanitizer and soap dispensers throughout the office
  • Virtual Monitoring of all our orthodontic patients to minimize Face-to-Face interactions while speeding up your orthodontic treatment
  • Virtual consults for new patients
  • Spacious reception area with dispersed seating
  • Contactless payment portals
  • All digital, impression-less, patient experience

Some of our new health and safety measures include:

  • Adjusted procedures and equipment used to reduce or eliminate aerosols.
  • Installed high-efficiency air filters.
  • Increased outside air ventilation rates.
  • Interior air quality monitoring
  • New social distancing protocols and limiting office capacity.
  • Eliminating high-frequency touchpoints.
  • Contactless temperature screening for employees and patients.
  • Masks for all staff members.
  • Plexiglass protective barriers

Our Office Makeover

New Distancing Signs and Markers
New Screening Procedures
Contactless Payment and Protective Barriers
Added Disinfection Procedures
Improved Air Quality


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